About the Auction

Wait, what's this about evil?

This auction was started by the Evil League of Evil Writers to support Lilith Saintcrow, the Patron Saint of Evil Writers (aka our own Bad Horse), whose son went to Crestline Elementary.  

Everything we do is evil, including online charity auctions.

Aren't charitable endeavors inherently good?

Excellent schools foster eviltry in children--many evil writers found their path because encouragement from teachers. Schools are where the next generation of villains (and minions!) are raised. Often school is a child's first exposure to books and stories and the sweet, sweet tears an evil writer can draw from readers. Supporting a school, obviously, means supporting eviltry.

Also, by supporting Crestline, you are supporting its students, staff, and parents, and that might make them cry happy tears. Making people cry is of course evil.

See? It all comes back to evil, folks.

As a friend said, when the universe kicks one of us, we kick back twice as hard. And we invite you to be bad guys and kick back with us.

Can I help? In the most evil way possible, of course.


If you would like to donate to the auction, drop an email to Skyla Dawn Cameron (skyladawncameron [at] gmail [dot] com) and/or Dina James (dina [at] dinajames [dot] com). CCing is love so feel free to email us both at the same time.

We're looking for books (signed, bonus!), swag, query/MS critiques, editing services, and basically anything else. We're starting with those since we're writers but accept anything: knitted goods, artsy things, and other awesome goodies. Have an idea? Shoot us an email and we'll chat.

Items will be up for auction for a week-ish. Some will have minimum bids, others won't. Check each listing to see how we do things.

If you donate an item and/or your time, we will forward you the name and contact information from the winner, and you will be responsible for mailing items or coordinating with them. Should the winner be contacted and we don't hear back within forty-eight hours, we'll try again, and then go to the next highest bid for the item.

We are actively looking for items for our second round auction--you aren't too late to donate, just give us a shout!

There are other ways you can help: please visit this page for more.