Monday, February 11, 2013

Offered: One Round of Edits on First Five Chapters by Judy Bagshaw

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An edit of the first five chapters by author and editor Judy Bagshaw.

Is your book baby a work of genius, or does it suck large? Maybe it falls somewhere in between, but you really want—no, need--to know. Here’s where I come in. With careful consideration for a writer’s delicate sensibilities, I’ll read your first five chapters and honestly but gently point out the flaws, the bright spots, and maybe even confirm your belief in your own greatness.

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Judy’s Bio: Judy Bagshaw is a retired elementary school teacher and writer in Southern Ontario, Canada. As a plus-sized woman, she has long wanted to see the appearance of stories featuring full-figured central characters. Much of her work features such characters leading rich and active lives, as she does. Contemporary romance is her genre of choice, but she also writes humor, paranormal, some non-fiction, and children's stories. Her currently available works include several novels, work in a number of anthologies, and a short story collection. For many years she wrote regular articles for Romance Writer2Writer magazine. Her articles are archived at

You can find out more about Judy, and read excerpts and reviews of her books at She can be contacted at

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