Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cheers for Evil

If we haven't said it enough, thank you again to everyone who donated and bid. We're still in the process of tracking down who has paid what, and coordinating winners with their items. This will probably continue tomorrow and Friday, and we appreciate your patience.

Your help is already making a huge difference in the community.  We received permission from the principal of Crestline, Ms. Bobbi Hite, to share her thanks to contributors:

On behalf of Crestline Elementary School and Evergreen Public Schools, thank you for your generous contribution.  The students and staff at Crestline Elementary School will benefit from your contribution both now and in the future.

Your contributions will be distributed to the Crestline Students who are now housed in five different elementary schools throughout the district, and in the fall when the new school year begins.  In addition, thanks to the overwhelming support of donors like you, there are enough supplies for the students for when Crestline Elementary School is rebuilt.

In times of disaster, contributions such as yours make an incredible difference in what’s available to our students. The overwhelming demonstration of community concern and support for the staff and students at Crestline Elementary School has helped the transition to normalcy much smoother.

Further, our beloved Bad Horse was visiting with her son's class today, and you can read her account here.
Your graciousness, hard work, and amazingness has a cumulative impact on the lives of about 500 students, their teachers, and other staff who take care of them on a daily basis. I saw firsthand some of the initial results of your efforts, guys–books in a fourth-grade classroom, bookshelves, teaching aids, posters, donated supplies used by people who lost years of accumulated work and effort when the school burned down. YOU have made a huge difference the lives of 500 children, an effect that will ripple out through them and their teachers. You’ve been the very best kind of shiny bad guys. Thank you so much.
The support and contributions from everyone is hugely appreciated. 

Thank you.

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