Tuesday, February 19, 2013


On Friday we posted a list of people who didn't leave contact information. We were able to get in touch with all but five, and their winnings are now forfeit.

The winning bids were, in some cases, significantly higher than the other bids--these five items accounted for over $450. As this is a fundraiser and, obviously, we'd like to raise as much money as possible, we're now putting up for grabs all those items for the next twenty-four hours to ANYONE who's willing to pay top bids. After that, we'll go down the list of the next highest bidders, if there were any. So please, swoop in and steal the unclaimed!

  1. Signed set of Morganville Vampires books from Rachel Caine $250
  2. ELEW Mentorship Slot #1 $100
  3. ELEW Mentorship Slot #2 $100
  4. Ebook Copy of To Trust a Thief by Michelle McLean $20 
  5. Short Synopsis Critique by Seleste deLaney $10
This chance ends Wednesday, February 20 at 1 pm EST/10 am PST. First come, first serve--this is not another auction but a "buy now" opportunity.

Please leave a comment on this post with what you're stealing and include a way to contact you!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I'll bite. ELEW Mentorship Slot #1 $100
    mr babo at mac dot com


Thank you for your bid!

Please be sure to read the instructions on the listing carefully. By bidding on this item, you understand that you will pay the amount pledged for the item should you win. Also double check the listing for shipping information along with the minimum opening bid.

And leave us a way to contact you! Ensure either you include an email address with your comment or your profile includes an email address. Winners who can't be contacted will forfeit their winnings and we'll go to the next bidder. We're evil, not psychic. (Yet...)