Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Auction Ends Tomorrow. For Real and For True.

Hey folks,

We are so, so grateful for all of the support everyone has given this fundraiser over the past two and a half weeks. We've had over ninety listings for everything from signed books to manuscript critiques, to knitted and crocheted goods to even Tim Tams.

When Dina and I first decided to do this, our fellow members of the Evil League of Evil Writers were quick to throw in their support, each offering several items and services and giving us a great base to launch the auction from. We were hoping to raise $500 and maybe--MAYBE--$1000. But as word of the auction spread, things snowballed, and we're well over $4500 in pledges (about $3200 from the first round has been paid already). And people still ask if they can donate items for listings.

At this point, however, the auction is closing on its second round and we're not doing a third.

We love Lili, we love helping her son's school, and we love all of the support you've given. But we're also volunteers, I work full time, and we'd rather end with some strong support than keep it going a few more weeks and have visibility trickle down to just a few hits a day (which happens with charitable things). As much as we hate turning anyone away, there have been two and a half weeks in which to give, so we're officially closed to new offerings now.

There are nearly thirty offerings still up for bid. Please have a look and grab some great, unique items--there's something for everyone.

If you boost the signal in any way, remember you can go in a draw for a library of ebooks by the Evil League of Evil Writers--just fill in the form here. If you glance through the homepage, you'll find some unclaimed items from the last round you can steal for their top pledges. And, finally, if you don't end up winning anything, please donate directly to the school (see more ways you can help).

Thank you again to everyone. Even if we haven't had a chance to thank you directly, we've seen every RT, every mention, and probably every blog post, and we greatly appreciate the support.

Stay Evil,

Skyla & Dina

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